Erectile dysfunction facts and fiction

Myth busting the causes and cures of erectile dysfunction

If you’re looking online for the causes and cures of erectile dysfunction, you won’t be short of information. Unfortunately, a lot of it isn’t true. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is still a subject with stigma around it, and companies who want to sell counterfeit medicines take advantage by giving you false and dangerous information. We’re here to help you sort the fact from the fiction. Let’s bust some of those major myths.

Myth 1: Erectile dysfunction is an unavoidable old man’s problem

Although ED does get more common as you get older, it’s by no means a problem which only affects elderly men. Thanks to modern medicine, it’s also no longer an unavoidable and irreversible part of ageing. There are a variety of medicines called PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra which let you to have a full sex life regardless of age. It’s less likely, but ED can affect men in their twenties and thirties too. If the problem persists, you should speak to your doctor as it may be caused by a bigger health issue.

Myth 2: Viagra will give you an erection for four hours

This really shouldn’t happen. If Viagra gives you an erection for more than four hours, you should get medical immediately as that erection may be the last one you ever get. This is known as a priapism, and it’s pretty unlikely if you follow the instructions in your patient information leaflet. The little blue pill works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis, making it easier for you to get an erection. But it’s not an automatic process - you still need sexual stimulation.

Myth 3: There’s nothing dangerous about ED

ED can be an embarrassing condition to speak to your doctor about, but you should make an appointment if it keeps happening (or keeps not happening). It may seem like a harmless problem you’d rather keep to yourself, but ED is often the first warning sign of a bigger health condition. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by problems with your blood vessels or blood flow, which can be the first indicator of health problems including heart disease or diabetes. Speaking to your doctor may mean you pick up on a major health problem before it causes you too much grief.

Myth 4: ED is all in your head

There are many reasons that men may experience ED, and some of these are psychological. Suffering from a mental health condition such as depression may affect your ability to get an erection, as might being under too much pressure at work or in your relationship. But it’s wrong to say that ED is only in your head. It’s a medical condition which will have a root cause, and it can’t be fixed by simply thinking your way out of it. If you believe you’re experiencing ED due to stress or mental health difficulties, fixing this problem with either cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or medication may help resolve your ED, too.

Myth 5: ED can be fixed by herbal supplements

The cost and stigma surrounding seeking help for ED means it’s easy to find counterfeit Viagra online. These remedies and can be dangerous, illegal, and often don’t work. There’s no evidence to suggest that “herbal Viagra” resolves ED and although the name may sound pretty innocent, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. It recently became legal in the UK to buy Viagra without a prescription to make it easier for men to be sure they’re getting the correct medicine. It’s exactly the same but has a new name: Viagra Connect. An online service such as Eddie from Well Pharmacy means you can now safely buy a monthly subscription to Viagra online.

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